Mountain West Building Maintenance

About Mountain West Building Maintenance
Mountain West Building Maintenance is a locally-owned and operated business servicing Utah and surrounding states. With local, private ownership comes the ability to make decisions at the local level without the red-tape and often very slow pace of larger National companies.

We understand the unique market in Utah and have tailored our services to accommodate the needs of our clients. We have been able to adjust our services to the growing needs to include snow removal, maintenance services and seasonal changes and the effects on facilities.
Tailoring a cleaning program to the specific needs of a client is where we are miles ahead of our competition. Every facility is different and has specific needs, just as every client has varying areas of focus. With demands on budgets becoming larger every year, we can adjust our services to emphasize those areas that are the highest priorities. In the end, the client is getting exactly what they need, and are not paying for services they do not need. 

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